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January 17, 2013
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All Yesterdays: Taboo by Julio-Lacerda All Yesterdays: Taboo by Julio-Lacerda
I knew I had to enter the All Yesterdays contest, but I couldn't figure out what I would like to explore. I though of many obvious and unoriginal things, like wacky and extravagant courtship displays and interspecies cooperation. I even went as far as to design a hadrosaur which head pattern mimicked its tail's to confuse predators, but nothing striked me as a good entry. Finally I though of something that could be nicely explored, although I guess it is not immediately recognizable by the picture: homosexual behaviour in dinosaurs.

Same-sex copulation, bonding and parenting is well-documented in many animals, especially birds and mammals. The exact reason why these behaviour exists, which by an evolutionary standpoint would be rather disadvantageous, is not really known. But the fact is that it is much more common in nature than most people would think, with unusually high rates of homosexual pairing in species like giraffes, bonobos, ducks and penguins, and in many cases leading to the adoption and successful raising of surrogate offspring.

In my entry, a male pair of caenagnathid oviraptorosaurs engage in mutual courtship - something that would definitely not be preserved in the fossil record. Their colouration is inspired by black swans, of wich an estimated 25% of pairings are male-male.
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what the fudge? gay dinosaurs O.o
Really good! I never knew dinosaurs could be homosexual
Celestial-Rainstorm Feb 8, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Well, why not? Its documented in over 50 modern-day animals XD
Celestial-Rainstorm Feb 1, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
How interesting! This is a beautiful piece, whether or not the Ovis are...well, gay or not. Why couldn't dinosaurs show homosexual tendencies? Its so cool to think so!
This is no Taboo! This is just your choice of life! Leave the swan-looking monsters share their mutual love! BTW, I bet they told you to fuck off and leave their area after "taking this picture" XD
Celestial-Rainstorm Feb 1, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
They totally did XD
I wish this was depicted more often. It's a subject that is rarely even thought of. And the picture itself is beautiful.
I quite like this piece both for its artwork and its inherent message. Very good work.
Pretty sure this is the first ever realistic painting of gay dinosaurs in the history of paleoart, congrats.
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